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  1. 1. How can a  make up a missed classroom session and still receive my insurance reduction certificate?     Answer: make up the night at the next session in your town or another town at no cost.  If that doesn't work we will have to charge.

  2. Does it cost extra if I miss a classroom session? Answer: Not if you attend a session that is already booked+ otherwise yes.

  3. What is the pass mark for the classroom portion? Answer: 80%

  4. How many times can I rewrite the exam? Answer: 2 if you fail after the 3rd attempt you must attend another 15hr classroom session.

  5. What is the cost to write the classroom exam?  Answer: No Cost you must schedule it with the instructor.

  6. When will I be notified to start my in-vehicle lessons?  Answer: Within 2 weeks of completing the classroom portion.

  7. What do I need to successfully complete the in-vehicle portion?  Answer: 75%

  8. If i do not qualify to receive a insurance reduction certificate after 10hrs of in-vehicle, what can I do?  Answer: pay for extra lessons at an hourly rate until you have a pass mark.  Students are encouraged to go home an practice if they are danger of failing.  

  9. Does driver education include the road test? Answer: No you must book this at your local registries office.

  10. Does passing the road test give me a Class 5 driver's license?  Answer: No it will give your your probationary license (5GDL)

  11. What is re-classing my license? Answer: Upgrading your license from a 7GDL to a 5GDL.

  12. What do I do with my Course Completion Certificate?  Answer:  Photocopy it (We charge to replace it).  Registries will also keep the original copy we give you.  Take a photocopy to your insurance company to get a discount.

  13. When can I drive?  Answer:  Anytime during the day as long as you are not missing a core subject.

  14.  How long will it take to complete my in-vehicle portion?  Answer:  It can take up to 3 months to complete depending on the availability of the student.  Students have 1year to complete the course otherwise it expires and they must start over.


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